A dysfunctional L.A. family hires a mysterious babysitter who changes their lives.

Ray Longway, a moody teenager, is a pawn in his parents' bitter divorce. His mother, a struggling actress who married rich, has grown accustomed to their cushy L.A. lifestyle but now, this lifestyle is threatened and depends solely on Ray’s custody decision. The family hires a Wiccan-practicing babysitter, Anjelika, who quickly fills the voids in everyones lives. After sharing a joint one night, Ray and Anjelika form a deep bond that unfolds into something strange and profound -- but their entanglement is poised to jeopardize Ray's mother's master plan. Babysitter features breakout performances by Max Burkholder (Ray), Daniele Watts (Anjelika) and is Morgan Krantz’ feature directorial debut.


Max Burkholder / Ray
Daniele Watts / Anjelika
Valerie Azlynn / Hailey
Amy Landecker / Janine 
Lesley Ann Warren / Grace
Kitty Patterson / Sadie
Robin Thomas Grossman / Neal
Robert F. Lyons / Sam
Grace Loveland / Stella
Henry Shotwell / Crosby
Julian Works / Carlos
Ricardo Lebron / Devon


A Totally Standard Production
In association with, Unbundled Underground & Willowspring Films

Writer, Editor, Director / Morgan Krantz

Producer / Luke Baybak
Cinematographer / Eli Born
Production Designer / Ashley Fenton
Costume Designer / Callan Stokes
Composer / Josh Grondin
Sound Designer / Nathan Ruyle
Casting Director / Amber Horn & Danielle Aufiero
Producer / Eric Pumphrey, Kyle Marvin
Consulting Producer / Jessica Garrison

Executive Producers
Galo Lebron, Colin Sutherland, Mike Covino, Sam Kretchmar

Barry Honig, Scott Lines

Associate Producers
Mike Brauser, Cesare Gagliardoni, Gianni Kovacevic, Randell Reneau, Amir Adnani

SXSW Screenings

Sunday, March 15
Alamo Ritz @ 6:45PM-8:05PM

Tuesday, March 17
Violet Crown Cinema @ 11:00AM-12:20PM

Wednesday, March 18
Alamo Lamar C @ 10:15PM-11:35PM


Shadow & Act
February 10, 2015

SXSW World Premiere
February 3, 2015

Lesley Ann Warren Joins Cast
January 24, 2014

Babysitter Starts Production
January 3, 2014


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